Do you want to understand more about your role in reconciliation?


Do you feel awkward about what you know and don’t know about Indigenous people in Canada?


Are you confused about reconciliation?


Do you wonder what to say and do?


Are you curious about how your organization rates in their level of cultural confidence?


Are you wondering how reconciliation and the TRC Calls to Action can fit within your company's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy?

We can help! Sakatay Global is a national organization renowned for our comprehensive online training program that will motivate you on your reconciliation journey and build your cultural confidence!

Building Cultural Confidence.

Inspiring Reconciliation.

Sakatay Global works with socially conscious organizations who believe in truth and reconciliation and who want the tools to build their cultural confidence and to cultivate vibrant and meaningful relationships with Indigenous people.

Our Definition of Cultural Confidence

A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s own ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with persons from other cultures and/or belief systems.

Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™

Learn about Indigenous people in Canada. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to build strong relationships with Indigenous colleagues, customers, and partners within your organization. Check out our latest training offers! Come join us!

The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™

Comprehensive Six Module Online Course

This is the Reconciliation “How-To-Guide” you have been looking for! Learn about the six critical elements necessary to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation in a safe and supported environment.

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The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™

Short Online Courses

This is the Reconciliation “How-To-Guide” you have been looking for in six short courses! Learn about the six critical elements necessary to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation in a safe and supported environment.


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The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™

Keynotes and Speaking 

Invite Shannon Monk to share lessons learned from her decades of experience building culturally confident organizations with your team! Learn the tools to foster meaningful relationships and leave feeling inspired to begin your reconciliation journey.

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“The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence is an incredible way to learn about Indigenous people in Canada. Shannon is a terrific facilitator, and every Canadian should take this course.

Regional Chief Morley Googoo, Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief for Nova Scotia 

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Thanks for all that you do. Your support helps us work with Northern First Nations to recruit, prepare and support outstanding teachers. This year, we have 55 teachers impacting more than 1000 First Nations students in Northern Ontario. Your experience and knowledge are so valuable and we are grateful for your willingness to share it! You have played a huge role in our organization: you interviewed our teachers, you ran the Blanket Exercise on several occasions, you introduced us to Tammy and Bernard, you provided strategic advice, and so much more. We are truly grateful for your involvement and long-standing friendship with Teach for Canada.”

Brendan Yorke, Director of Teacher Recruitment, Teach for Canada

Thank you for your opportunity to participate in the exercise last week. I am especially grateful for the time that you took to educate myself and my staff about Indigenous rights, history, and our colonial relationships. Through understanding the past, we can begin to address the present, and plan for the future. The Blanket exercise itself was particularly engaging, and the traditional items were beautiful reminders of the rich cultural heritage that has been stolen from Canada’s First Peoples.”

Mark Gerretsen, MP Kingston and the Islands

What I like most about Shannon’s program is her personal, open-minded approach to learning – through her modules and facilitation, there are certainly some tough histories and conversations that arise, but Shannon creates a safe and comfortable space to have these dialogues – we truly felt we could say and ask anything and not be judged.”

Kate Siklosi, Ian Martin Group

“You have really helped me with trying to remind myself of my many gifts that you and Pytor always try to tell me that I have when I am in doubt of my abilities. You really are an extraordinary organizer and such a hard worker, who puts finishing a job before breakfast (tsk, tsk), and a very devoted worker when it comes to staying engaged in whatever job you are trying to accomplish. You have been a great role model for me.

Saimaniq Temela, Inuit Youth Leader

“I learned more from you about Indigenous people in Canada in a couple of hours, than I did in the rest of my life combined!! Thank you so much!

Jim Narraway, Canada C3

“I have greatly benefited from our relationship! You have assisted me with establishing the Indigenous Advisory Council and finding members for it. I also appreciate your insight on the language the communications team is using. Your feedback on the Call for Indigenous Content Producers was also very valuable.

The Blanket Exercise changed my perspective on Indigenous history. I found it to be very cleansing from a spiritual perspective and it is an experience that I treasure. I think Canada C3 would be much less aware of Indigenous perspectives and much less inclusive without your assistance. Something that resonated with me during the Blanket Exercise was your emphasis on inspiration vs. shame. It is so much more powerful to turn pain into action! This is something I aspire to do. So happy you are on the team!

Felicity Feinman, Canada C3

“It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you and your team. I was incredibly moved and inspired. In fact, I am sooo happy to inform you, after talking to my 14 year old son last night that his social studies teacher put away his regularly planned curriculum for the rest of the school year so that he could teach about the atrocities of the residential school using Chanie Wenjack and Gord Downie’s Secret Path platform. I couldn’t be more proud! My son and many of his friends in class are captivated by this and are sincere in making sure more change and awareness is made! It made me very optimistic that the movement and consciousness is changing in our world for the better. For all humanity.

Aaron Pritchett

“It has been amazing to work with you, Shannon. You have taught me so much and inspired my thinking and future teaching, especially to be more mindful every day about Indigenous Peoples and becoming more involved in the TRC and Indigenous culture at home, in community, in Canada. You are a force, Shannon, and I hope to collaborate with you again on education/teaching related projects!

Reina Lahtinen, Bed, ECE, Natured Education

“Your professional style and Indigenous way of knowing is greatly appreciated. As a settler, I have learned a great deal from you. Your teachings, voice, and drum serve to bridge the chasm that colonialism has caused in this country we call Canada. Thank you for all you do.

Bridget Doherty, Sisters of Providence St. Vincent de Paul

Often the things that hide from us in everyday life, when pointed out, change the way we see the world. The people who make the invisible visible are treasures to their communities and to the country at large. One of those seekers and the Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence she leads, is Shannon Monk.  Attending her course is a must-do for all Canadians. Shannon’s gentle approach to a vast, historic, and complex topic is without parallel. Take advantage of it if you have the chance.”

Robert Ouellette, Pathways to Education Canada

Sakatay Global is proud to be a Certified Aboriginal Business.