Onagottay Heart and Wisdom Colouring Book

Sakatay Global, in partnership with Colouring It Forward, is proud to showcase the Onagottay Heart and Wisdom Colouring Book!

This book was a labour of love of language, culture and community and so we are grateful to have helped bring Ojibway Elder and Knowledge Keeper Onagottay’s vision to life! The Onagottay Heart and Wisdom Colouring Book includes 44 art pieces with corresponding stories and teachings in both English and Anishinaabemowin. The book is an incredible tool for those wanting to learn more about First Nations culture, art, and language! You can read the blogpost where we talk at length about the process of publishing the book here. Proceeds from each book sold goes to the Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest to support their important work in language and cultural revitalization!

Onagottay is Ojibway from Lake of the Woods, Ontario, and is a member of the Eagle Clan. Onagottay is also a successful self-taught artist whose paintings are filled with stories and teachings spiritually given in to him by Creator. You will see his beautiful art throughout our website:

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Special thanks to Diana Frost at Colouring it Forward and Maureen Buchanan from the Kingston Indigenous Languages Nest for your tireless work helping put this together!

Onagottay Heart and Wisdom Colouring Book