Our Story

Sakatay Global works with socially conscious organizations who believe in truth and reconciliation. We provide organizations with the tools to build their cultural confidence in order to cultivate vibrant and meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous colleagues, customers and partners.


The Indigenous Circle Approach to Cultural Confidence™ was created as a way to introduce and explore ideas and concepts related to reconciliation.  This approach is for people who may be confused about Indigenous issues in Canada, and who want to be able to ask those awkward questions in a safe and comfortable learning environment without feeling silly or embarrassed.

Sakatay is an Oji-Cree word meaning sunrise.  Our logo reflects the image of a sunrise over the waters and lands of Turtle Island.  It represents a new day.  It represents learning. It represents change.  It represents relationships, understanding, and peaceful co-existence.

Sakatay is also the name of my (Shannon’s) firstborn granddaughter… and so Sakatay Global also represents the ripple effects of each step we take towards reconciliation and those impacts on our next seven generations.  (And if you look closely again at the logo, you will also see the dancer in her beautiful regalia… ?)